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All-natural nourishment for your skin and hair!

Thank you for visiting!

What are you really putting on your skin and hair? Parabens? Petroleum Oil? Mineral Oil? Sulfates? Silicones? These items dry, damage, and weaken our hair and skin. Many of us transitioned to a healthier food lifestyle because we recognize the benefits of eating all natural, and chemical free foods. This transition should be made for your hair and skin too! All natural ingredients nourish inside and outside your skin and hair!

Our mission at ANJOLY is to provide all-natural and organic products for your skin and hair with exceptional customer service!

Our products are great for the entire family! The products were created to be used from head to toe. Our butters are fragrance free so they can be enjoyed by both men and women!

Our all-natural ingredients are carefully selected to replenish your skin and hair without the chemicals you find in most commercial products. To maintain freshness, we make our product in small batches and document on your jar of Shea it on me  or Shea it on me lightly  the day your product was made!